Chitosan: A Biopolymer for Skin Regeneration

Malhar Khakharia, Vidhi Khanna


Skin regeneration is a growing field of interest following the limited treatment modalities
available for burn patients. An ideal treatment for burns is required to be fast, be able to restore
complete functionality and be within the reach of patients. Such requirements may be achieved
only by re-growth of the skin, but this is often limited in case of serious burns. The use of
polymeric scaffolds presents a template for the regeneration of skin, allowing adherence of cells
and providing support. Scaffolds of multiple materials have been tried; Chitosan scaffolds have
yielded good results in various experimental aspects including biodegradability, low
immunogenicity, compatibility, etc. Additionally properties such as angiogenesis, wound healing
and induction of fibroblasts make it an ideal candidate for skin regeneration.


Tissue engineering, skin regeneration, polymeric, scaffold, chitosan



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